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Fairness at Work

Welcome to the Fairness at Work campaign page

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We have joined forces with other unions to support the CTU’s Fairness at Work Campaign.


Tens of thousands of people across the country have turned out for the Fairness at Work rallies - standing up against unfair, unnecessary and unwanted employment law changes.


Read more about the PSA's support.

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Ayoe Hansen

A Day chock full of Action

Tens of thousands of people turned out around the country for the Day of Action.  People marched on to venues across the country standing up against unfair employment law changes.  View the coverage at The Standard, 3 news, The New Zealand Herald, and Stuff.  


Day of Action resolutions:

1. That this meeting condemns the continued attacks on fairness at work and we call on the Government to withdraw proposed laws which will harm job security and undermine work rights.

2. We demand that the Government instead focus on a programme to promote jobs, lift wages and maintain strong public services.

3. We are determined to keep campaigning and call on employers to recognise (including in collective employment agreements) the rights of workers to appeal against unfair dismissal, access their union reps and keep current sick and domestic leave entitlements.


New Powerpoint available for download

This Powerpoint has been designed to encourage people to make a submission against the unfair employment law changes.  Download and share today!

New leaflet available for download

This A4 leaflet will help you and your colleagues promote Fairness at Work and help other people understand why this campaign is so important to all New Zealanders.  Download the leaflet here.


Dear John

Read the CTU's letters to Prime Minister John Key:

Letter to John Key 21 July 2010

Letter to John Key 15 July 2010


PSA fully supports Fairness at Work Campaign

The Public Service Association Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi (PSA) has joined forces with other unions to support the CTU’s Fairness at Work Campaign.

The campaign aims to protect New Zealand workers against Government plans to legalise unfair dismissals, require medical proof for every sick day taken and restrict employees’ access to union support.

“It’s important that the New Zealand public sees beyond the government’s spin on these draconian changes. We should be working towards creating a high trust workplace environment that motivates staff – these plans are likely to demotivate staff,” says PSA National Secretary Richard Wagstaff.


Fairness at Work Campaign Launched

New Zealand workers organisations met tonight to agree a comprehensive campaign to protect workers' rights to be treated fairly in their workplace.

The associations representing 360,000 working people agreed unanimously to put all effort and resources into a campaign to promote fairness at work and to reject the Government's plans to amongst other things remove appeal rights for unfair dismissal, force workers to produce sick certificates for every day they are unwell and stop workers being able to access their representative's advice and support at work.

CTU President Helen Kelly said: "The campaign will include industrial action, demonstrations, public meetings and community activities. Workers have been ringing me expressing concern that these changes will be bad for them and their families and are unnecessary, disrespectful and unfair."

"In the coming months we will be out speaking to New Zealanders throughout the country about fairness at work and giving them a chance to have their say on any proposed legislation."