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Modern Public Services

Modern Public Services is a series of policy papers that discuss the challenges facing the state, which include giving citizens more control over policy- making, encouraging public servants to be more innovative, and restructuring the laws and practices that govern the public service.


The papers will be the foundation of a comprehensive, authoritative and influential plan for the structure of the New Zealand state, to be published before the 2014 election.


This year, they are the basis of our 10 principles, a powerful statement of the core values of public services that will be used to judge parties' policies leading up to this year’s election.


We hope you find the papers useful and stimulating, and we welcome your feedback.
Please e-mail  any comments to


Modern Public Services policy papers

A mood for change: ideas for public management renewal in New Zealand

Collaborative government: a new approach to restructuring

Employment relations: nurturing the commitment of public sector workers to a wider cause

Empowered to serve: a new relationship for central and local government

Making a difference: public entrepreneurship and public value

Past its use-by date? Reshaping and refocusing the state sector

Realising public value: engaging citizens in government

Respective roles: the public sector and the community and voluntary sector

Staying in control: public assets for the public good

Value for money: the power of the public dollar


PSA presentation to the Better Public Services Advisory Group

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Presentation paper