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Pay and Employment Equity


PSA employs pay equity campaign organiser

Gabriel Brettkelly has recently joined the PSA staff team in a new role that will focus on building the PSA’s pay equity campaign.


Gabriel will spend the next year getting the ball rolling on the PSA’s campaign to close the gender pay gap within PSA coverage by 2020. She will be working closely with other organisers, delegate teams and the women’s network to address pay equity issues for members in female dominated occupations.


Gabriel says “I'm excited to be employed as PSA Pay Equity campaign organiser. The PSA has been a trailblazer for equal pay in NZ so it’s great to be working with a team focussed on winning further improvements to public service women's pay”.

Next magazine article on pay equity

An article from next magazine on the Great Salary Divide.


A history of pay equity in New Zealand

The community archive has a collected PSA and personal papers to form an equal pay campaign archive.  You can read it here.


PSA files discrimination complaint against government

The PSA is claiming that the government’s scrapping of a pay equity investigation, aimed at addressing a pay gap for social workers at Child Youth and Family, is a breach of the Human Rights Act. Read on.


Recession not a reason to deny women fair pay

“I think women accept there’s a recession on, we accept the fiscal and economic pressures the government is under. What we can’t afford as a country is to stop work on pay equity, " says EEO Commission head Dr Judy McGregor in the  PSA Journal. Read on. 


Women will continue to fight for pay equity

“The government’s axing of investigations aimed at closing pay gaps for women workers is a setback, but the battle to achieve pay equity for women will continue,” says Public Service Association National Secretary Brenda Pilott.

Read on


PSA campaign on pay and employment equity

The PSA launched our Pay and Employment Equity Agenda in 2003 to improve the position of low paid workers and to close the gap in earnings and career opportunities between men and women.

PSA plan of action


It's Time – Pay and Employment Equity five years on

On 8 March 2003, the PSA launched “It’s Time” – the PSA Pay and Employment Equity Agenda. It set out a strategic approach to identifying and removing the causes of inequitable pay and employment opportunities and for delivering equal pay for work of equal value.

September 2008 newsletter


Status report

May 2008

Since 2004, twenty three organisations out of 38 Public Service departments have completed a pay and employment equity review. Fifteen remaining Public Service departments are conducting reviews and are at various stages of completion. It is expected that most will be completed by mid-to-late 2008.

Status report


Job evaluation proves support workers are hugely underpaid

An independent job evaluation commissioned by the PSA shows that community support workers are underpaid by around $7000 a year.



New data on the gender pay gap

Latest figures show that women's average earnings trail 15% behind men's. The CTU says it points to continued discrimination against women in the workforce.

Latest data


Progress report

July 2007

The Pay and Employment Equity Steering Group has published its report on progress during 2006 towards the government’s goal of pay and employment equity in the state sector.