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Don't Privatise ACC

Protesters March Against ACC Cuts

Wellington citizens from all walks of life convened at the Cenotaph this afternoon to protest the ACC's recently proposed cuts to its counselling programs for sexual abuse victims. The proposed changes would require those seeking treatment to be evaluated and subsequently qualify for counselling; only individuals diagnosed as having a mental illness resulting from their trauma will be provided treatment.Read on

Insight investigates ACC


With the Government promising major changes to ACC, what is the future for no fault accident compensation scheme?

Radio New Zealand's Insight programme investigates. Listen here.


ACC Futures Coalition

The ACC Futures Coalition, which is comprised of health providers, ACC consumers and unions, has been formed to provide balance and information to the debate about the future of ACC.

The Futures Coalition aims to build cross-party support for retaining the status of ACC as a publicly-owned single provider because we want to maintain and improve the provision of injury prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and no fault compensation social insurance system that benefits all New Zealanders. Visit

ACC board changed to prepare for privatisation


National’s decision to remove over half of the ACC board is another step towards pushing through its plans to radically change ACC, says Labour ACC spokesman David Parker. Read on



Government misleads the public over ACC

"There is a huge gap between the rhetoric of John Key and [ ACC Minister] Smith, and reality," says economist Rod Oram in the Sunday Star Times.  Read the true facts here

Briefing to the new Minister of ACC

PSA briefing paper
to the new minister highlights key issues for members in ACC.

Everyone will lose if ACC is privatised

“Everyone will lose if National gets the chance to privatise ACC because we’ll all have to pay more for accident compensation,” says Richard Wagstaff, National Secretary of the Public Service Association, which has 670 members working for the ACC.

Click here for the full story.


ACC in great shape – so why privatise it?

“New Zealand’s world-beating ACC scheme is in great shape, with rising customer and public satisfaction levels, as well as being on track to become self-funding by 2014”

– Ross Wilson, former CTU president and now chair of the ACC board.

Click here for the full article.

CTU Fact Sheet on ACC Controversy

Ross Wilson

Facts about ACC

A PSA background paper looks at the origins of ACC and what happened last time the scheme was opened to private insurance companies.

ACC - the facts

Privatisation would bring a heavy price tag

Privatising ACC would be costly for all New Zealanders and many staff could lose their jobs.
PSA media release

Australian insurance companies poised to make a killing

Vernon Small writes in the Dominion that Australian insurance companies will make a killing if National is elected and opens up accident compensation to the private sector.

Dom Post story

ACC is a world-class scheme

A report by PriceWaterhouse Coopers says that ACC "performs as well or better than most other schemes around the world” and should not be privatised.

PriceWaterhouse Cooper report

Blood on the coal

Health and safety lawyer Hazel Armstrong's recently-published book Blood On The Coal explains why ACC was set up, the benefits it brings to the country, and the the case against privatisation.

Blood on the Coal


Authorised for the PSA by Brenda Pilott, 30 Prospect Terrace, Wellington