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Sustainable Work Systems

What is it?

Sustainable Work Systems is a PSA led programme that brings staff and managers together to look at improving work practices and systems.


Sustainable Work Systems is a way to reduce waste and help deliver public services more efficiently. It starts from the belief that the people who do the work are the experts in finding ways of getting to the root of the problem and fixing it.


Why has the PSA developed a productivity programme?

The PSA knows that are great pressures on agency budgets and employers are looking to increase productivity. Our approach involves our members in the drive to improve services. Sustainable Work Systems is about continuous improvement to deliver better public services; it’s not about job losses or service cuts.


The Sustainable Work Systems approach

Sustainable Work Systems uses tools and processes based on solid research and practice, specially adapted for your sector. After the initial training, Sustainable Work Systems becomes part of business as usual , as staff and management reinvest the savings in improving other services, and continue to work together to identify further improvements.


What are the benefits?

Sustainable Work Systems gives staff a real say at work, provides more satisfying work, develops skills through training and leads to improved services.


Find out more:

To find out more about Sustainable Work Systems please contact us:



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