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Delegate Resources

The CTU has developed a kit on building the workplaces of the future.You can download download the resources here.


The 40-page booklet(PDF):

The Workplace of the Future: A Union Source Book


A series of two-page information sheets(PDF):

Meeting the Workplace Productivity Challenge : Introduction

Meeting the Workplace Productivity Challenge : Overview

Building Leadership and Management Capability

Building Leadership and Management Capability

Encouraging Innovation and the Use of Technology

Investing in People and Skills

Organising Work

Networking and Collaborating

Measuring What Matters

Union Involvement in the Workplace

Improving Workplace Productivity in the Public Sector

Delegates – the heart of the union

In this 8-page leaflet, delegates talk about how they see their role and describe some of their key tasks and how they go about them.

Delegates – the Heart of the Union


Recruitment is one of the most important ways delegates can build and strengthen the union in their workplace.

Membership form

Tips on Recruitment

PSA Delegates’ Handbook

An overview of how the union works and the role of the delegate: PSA Delegate's Handbook.

Workplace Delegate Form

Delegate nomination form

Preventing and dealing with bullying – a handbook for delegates

This handbook is designed to help delegates create a safer, healthier workplace through techniques to deal with bullying.

Preventing and Dealing with Bullying Handbook

Disciplinary Issues – a handbook for delegates

This handbook is designed to give you, the delegate, the knowledge to effectively represent a member through a disciplinary investigation.

Delegates Handbook on Disciplinary Issues

How do you deal with conflict?

A questionnaire to help you understand how you deal with conflict. It is not scientific but gives an indication of preferences.

Conflict Style Questionnaire


Māori Enterprise Delegate Guide

This document contains in depth guidance for the election and role of the Māori enterprise delegate, how they connect to the general delegate structures and how they can be supported by rūnanga delegate structures in larger more complex organisations.


Māori Enterprise Delegate Guide