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Role of the Delegate


Delegates play an important role in building the union’s influence at work, whether it’s to do with improving pay and conditions or giving members a collective voice in the decisions that affect their work.


Not all delegates do everything but here are some of the things they might be involved in:

  * Encouraging people to join the union

  * Keeping members up to date with union news

  * Helping develop a collective view on workplace and bargaining issues

  * Helping resolve workplace problems

  * Organising to involve members in workplace decisions

  * Representing members’ views to management

  * Supporting members who ask for help

  * Being the link between members and the organiser

  * Making sure the union is visible in the workplace (using posters etc)

  * Facilitating union meetings

  * Connecting to wider delegate networks



Delegate Support


PSA organisers are there to support delegates and provide information, advice and guidance. The union also provides an extensive delegate development programme, opportunities to meet and discuss issues, and extensive information resources.


There is plenty of evidence to show that employers also benefit from a strong, collective union voice. It improves the work environment and this in turn enhances productivity and the quality of services.



PSA delegate courses


All PSA delegates are invited to attend the PSA’s development programme. This comprises the seven one- or two-day workshops listed below. 

 Workshops include:

  * Building Your Union

  * Problem Solving

  * Employment Legislation

  * Creating a Positive Workplace

  * Disciplinary Issues

  * Bicultural Unionism

  * What Did You Say? 


Click here for more information about Delegate Workshops.



Paid education leave


PSA delegate development courses have been approved by the Department of Labour so those attending are entitled to paid education leave as provided for by the Employment Relations Act.




For more information on becoming a delegate:

download "Delegates - the Heart of the Union"

or speak to your PSA organiser

freephone 0508 FOR PSA
Or email