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Deaf and disabled members network

Kia ora, hello!


Welcome to the Public Service Association's Deaf and disabled members' network.


This video gives an overview both of the PSA as an organisation and of the Deaf and Disabled network's role within it.

Wellington election event 

IHC, CCS Disability Action, People First, DPA and NZDSN are delighted to invite you to an Election event for people interested in the disability sector.

Come and hear politicians talk about their party’s disability policies and get your questions answered. There will be representatives from all political parties at the event.  You have the chance to hear and question people whose policies in the next Government, will impact on the daily lives and wellbeing of disabled people and their families.


Where: ASB Sports Centre, 72 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington.

When: Thursday 11 September 2014 at 2pm.


Confirmed in attendance:


Politian attending


Paul Foster- Bell

United Future

Peter Dunne


Mojo Mathers


Ruth Dyson

Mana  Movement

Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati


Marama Fox

New Zealand First

Brent Pierson


Please feel free to print and display The IHC poster and let your friends know about the event.



Words matter

Public address has posted an article on words and disability, a debate that many of you may have had yourself.  Check out the story here.


Events in March 2014

March 26 is National Purple Day to raise awareness of epilepsy throughout New Zealand. We will be encouraging our PSA staff to wear purple to work and will be handing out purple ribbons on this day. This is a great day to talk to your colleagues about Epilepsy, learn some new facts about it and do some myth busting. For more information and Epilepsy NZ resources follow this link:


Key dates coming up in 2014


22 -28 September
Deaf Awareness Week-all about visibility of the deaf community and the raising of the profile of sign language. Removing stigma and shame.


1-7 November
Parkinson’s Awareness Week- again about raising the visibility of Parkinson’s and the stories of those who live with it. Removing stigma and shame.


3 December
International day of persons with disabilities, across the board celebration of diversity, acknowledgement of the work that still needs to be done to support those living with disabilities and promotions of our national and international responsibilities.


10 December
World Human Rights day



What are the priorities for the network in 2014?

We want to grow the network by making sure that we are accessible, relevant and up to the minute. The stronger the network the more we can achieve within the PSA and our workplaces.

We also want to tap into the great leadership potential that exists within our communities and make sure it has a chance to flourish. Particularly as it is election year we want to make sure that in deciding critical campaign issues the voices from our deaf and disabled communities are strong and clear. You as a member will help define this voice so we encourage you to get involved.

What can I expect if I am a member?

 A chance to meet others from our deaf and disabled communities, network, have fun and organise


*  A regular monthly newsletter of current events and stories of fantastic people from our communities


*  A chance to attend any meetings or events organised by the network


*  Access to resources that you can use-this year we will be uploading resources for the network such as flyers, a brochure and posters.





Employer attitudes towards employing disabled people

Research has been commissioned to explore New Zealand employers’ attitudes towards employing disabled people.

Employers were asked a range of questions in order to find out more about the qualities they looked for in potential employees, what they thought were the barriers to the employment of disabled people, about their attitudes towards disabled people, how they thought staff and customers perceived disabled staff and to what extent they were influenced in their employment decisions by the reactions of others.  Find out more at think differently.



Be. Accessible

Imagine a world where every person, building and community is truly accessible.  That world is what Be. Accessible has set out to create.


Be. Accessible is a social change initiative and a holistic framework for accessibility with a mission to create a truly accessible country for us all.  Find out more over at their website.




ImagineBetter is an independent agency promoting leadership and outcome-based quality in services for people with disabilities, the mentally unwell and older people. To find out more head on over to their website.