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Eco Reps

Power Shift NZ Pacific 2012

The PSAYouth and PSA Eco Rep networks sponsored 13 young PSA members to attend Power Shift NZ Pacific in Auckland from7-9 December. They were amongst 700 young leaders attending NZ’s largest ever youth climate summit - organised by Generation Zero and It was really exciting to be a part of this massive youth drive for serious action on climate change.


There were workshops galore on such diverse topics as climate science, indigenous perspectives on climate change, encouraging youth to stand for local government, creating your dream job, NZ political processes, and learning from social movements.


Check on this TV3 news story on the giant flashmob that took place on day 3 to launch the campaign 100% Possible – for a future beyond fossil fuels. Sign up to the campaign today!


The PSA members who attended said they got a lot out of the 3 days and are keen to work with the PSA youth and eco networks on ways to encourage workplace action on environmental sustainability and climate change.


Low carbon Christmas

Are you dreaming of Christmas getaway? Want to know how to reduce your fuel consumption over the holidays?  Then look no further as the PSA's eco-reps and the Union Climate Action group have prepared  this handy newsletter. 


The political parties answer our questions

Union Climate Action asked the major parties questions that we thought you might like answers on before casting your vote on 26 November.  Labour, National and the Greens replied.  You can find their responses to each of the questions here.