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PSA Pasefika

Photos from Labour Day

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Labour Day 2010

6Labour Day 2010

The role and function of PSA Pasefika within the PSA is to:

  • Identify relevant issues from PSA pacific island members Build PSA membership amongst pacific island people within areas of PSA coverage
  • Provide leadership within PSA for its Pasefika membership Advance Partnership for Quality (PfQ) strategy and have a strategic plan
  • Contribute to the strategic plan Represent the interests of Pasefika membership
  • Facilitate the development of a collective view from Pasefika membership Advancing PSA strategic agenda including PfQ and Democracy at Work
  • Developing regional structures

In order for PSA Pasefika to be able to carry out its duties within the PSA, and link into all the other functions, further work is required by the committee.

As a committee we have a commitment to be able to deliver the following:

  • Build relationships within PSA structures, communities, relevant political groups and MP’s, international groups and other affiliates and most importantly our members and delegates
  • Representation on sector committees Cultural components associated with Pasefika workers
  • PSA Pasefika strategy within PfQ
  • PSA Pasefika branding and marketing
  • PSA Pasefika website enhancement Effective and relevant communication

PSA Pasefika was set up after more than 50 Pacific public sector workers from across the country, including social workers, community health workers, prison officers, case managers, administrative staff and local government staff attended a national PSA Fono held in Auckland, November 2004.

This National Fono had been the result of several sector and regional Fono previously and was a continuation of the wishes of Pasefika members to develop an ongoing structure within the PSA.

With the heading of “Pacific Leadership within PfQ” it was about bringing together pacific island members, and looking to build on the previous work done, and move to set a pacific network.

They identified the initial establishment of this group as a way to strengthen and enhance Pasefika participation and develop structures with resourcing to co-ordinate PSA Pasefika member’s activities, interests and issues.

The meetings revealed that Pasefika Peoples have a unique contribution to make within the PSA and were looking to establish a means to do this.

There was also the recognition of pacific activists within the PSA who as individuals were heavily involved in pacific activities within the CTU and other external area’s on behalf of the PSA. After attending the CTU National Fono the group developed a paper to the PSA executive board outlining its core values and goals and quantifying this with a budget to resource planned activities.

The group which was formed in 2004 has since dissipated and we now have a core group of organisers, delegates and members trying to drive our agenda within the PSA.

It was decided that each region would hold Fono. Wellington region would be the first and this was held in November 2007. To follow will be Auckland and the South Island, we envision these to be completed by April 2008, then we can sit down and look at any outcomes and plan for the following financial year around how we can achieve those outcomes and the discussions required to do that.