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Success! Massive increase in early voting
Congratulations to the many PSA Youth volunteers who have been working hard to encourage people to get out and vote.  As of today, 94,854 people had voted – almost 3x more than in the same period last election.  The campaign to encourage people to vote, and vote early, is clearly working - yeaaah! 


We’d love you to join us in helping to get out the vote!  At union offices around the country we have call centres set up each evening and on Saturdays to phone union members to ensure they have a plan to vote.  Research shows that if people are asked to pledge to vote, and then called about their voting plan, they are 15% more likely to vote.  It might sound scary, but it’s actually super easy, but don't take our word for it: 


"At first I thought no-one would be interested but it is heartening to know that everyone is getting out the vote and have been generally very positive about us calling!"  Kelly Gardiner, volunteer.


To sign up as a volunteer, and check out events in your area, go to


You can find out what booths are open early in your electorate here.  Don’t forget to bring friends/family/colleagues with you to vote!



Volunteers at Auckland phone bank


Party policy on youth issues


Stand Up – the youth wing of the Council of Trade Unions (CTU), recently asked the ten biggest political parties ten simple yes/no questions on issues that you’ve told us are important to young workers. 


Check out the collated results here.

Please like and share the results on Facebook, and retweet it on Twitter.

Here are the questions they asked:
Will your party repeal youth rates to ensure that people are paid the same for the same job, regardless of age?


Will your party increase funding to ensure public transport is affordable for students and young workers?


Will your party retain interest-free student loans?


Will your party put a stop to zero-hour contracts, which stop young workers being able to plan their lives and increase hardship?


Does your party support the living wage, as defined by Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand?


Will your party lift main benefit and student allowance levels so that they are sufficient for a good life?


Will your party introduce a rental home warrant of fitness scheme to raise the standards of rentals?


Will your party extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks or longer?


Will your party repeal the 90 day fire-at-will legislation?


Will your party introduce measures to reduce the increasing use of fixed-term and casual contracts?


Overseas voting
Please tell your friends and family overseas how easy it is to vote! If they are NZ citizens or permanent residents, and they've been in New Zealand for at least 1 day in the last 3 years, they are entitled to have their say.  


All the details you need for overseas voting are here - it is as simple as downloading your voting paper, printing it, ticking it, scanning it and sending it back!


PSA Youth remits to Congress
The PSA's national congress is 23-24 September.  This is a biannual event where PSA delegates from across the country get together to make decisions about PSA rules and priorities, and to elect the PSA president.


At present, PSA Youth along with other formal networks of the PSA, can select one representative to attend as an observer, without voting rights.  Temira Rissetto from the Ministry of Justice in Auckland will be attending as the PSA Youth representative.  Eighteen other PSA Youth members are attending as representatives of their sectors, with voting rights. 


In April, following consultation with members, PSAYouth submitted three remits to be considered at congress.  Remits are items that members seek endorsement from Congress on, including rule changes.  Our remits are:


Transitional membership

A rule change to provide free “transitional membership” for up to 3 months for PSA members who leave their employment, until they resume employment. 


Student membership

A rule change to permanently provide free student membership of the PSA to full-time students studying towards work in the public or community sectors. 


Representation and voting rights of networks at Congress

A joint remit from the four formal networks seeking a rule change to provide each network with three representatives at Congress with full voting rights. 


You can view all remits to be considered at Congress, along with more detailed explanations, here


Your network representative at congress would like to hear any feedback you may have on these, or any other remits to congress, so that she can advocate on your behalf. You can get in touch by emailing  You can also get in touch with your sector representatives, who have voting rights. You can get messages to your representative by emailing

Member Q&A
Kelly Gardiner, Inland Revenue, Dunedin

This month we catch up with Kelly Gardiner – a Collections Officer at IRD . As always, the full Q&A is over here but here's a snippet:


Name one (or more) things you like about the PSA Youth network


The people are cool, the training ,and there is generally always pizza offered at get-togethers (which is always awesome!).

Good ol' Charlie Brown

Originally posted at



International youth day – youth and mental health 
Every year, the United Nations celebrates the achievements of young people on international youth day (IYD).  This year IYD was observed on 12 August, with a theme of youth and mental Health.  As young workers, our mental health can be affected by heavy workloads, insecurity and discrimination in the workplace. 

We all have to find ways to relieve the tension in order to preserve our mental health.

Public Services International (PSI) young workers have decided to celebrate IYD by sharing how we manage stress and support people with mental illness.  You can help the PSI campaign, running from 12 August 2014 to 12 September, by posting a statement or photo on Facebook or Twitter about what you usually do to get rid of stress and/or stand with people with mental illnesses.  Please include the hashtags #mentalhealthmatters and #PSI4Youth.  The statements will be summarised in a PSI leaflet on mental health.  For more information see: Mental Health FoundationPSI, and the UN


Pledge to vote this election
Last election, 42% of eligible 18-24 year olds didn’t vote.  Its no wonder politicians don't treat youth issues seriously.

Research shows that if people are asked to pledge to vote, and then called about their voting plan, they are 15% more likely to vote.  We need volunteers to phone union members to ensure they have a plan to vote.  

Last week, PSA Youth members in Auckland gathered for Get Out and Vote volunteer training:


The attendees have committed to volunteering in Get Out and Vote call centres at the PSA every Wednesday evening from 3 September to the election. 

To sign up as a volunteer, and check out events in your area go to the Get Out and Vote website.  


Encouraging young migrants to vote – a PSA Youth member initiative  
Migrants to New Zealand make up a significant proportion of potential voters, but are much less likely to vote than other groups.  Last election, over 35% of Asian migrants didn’t vote – second only to youth in non-participation.  

This year, the New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils (NZFMC) is strongly advocating for migrants and in particular, migrant youth, to vote in the upcoming elections.  NZFMC is not party political, their goal is simply to encourage migrants to vote based on the party policies that align with their personal values. 

PSA Youth member and NZFMC National Vice President Arish Naresh is helping to lead this campaign. 

Do you have connections in migrant communities?  People you know could use these connections to encourage people to vote.  You can follow the campaign at the following links: FacebookTwitter, and the NZFMC Website.


What are you doing this election?
We’re always keen to hear what members are up to.  Please share how you’re helping to get the vote out on Facebook and Twitter


Member Q&A
Steven Westwood, Senior Immigration Officer, MBIE, Auckland
This month we catch up with Steven Westwood - a Senior Immigration Officer in Auckland. As always, the full Q&A is over at the website but here's a snippet:

What were you initial thoughts on signing up to do this Q&A?
“That’s definitely not something I’d be interested in doing!” I’ve had a habit of avoiding doing things that make me feel very uncomfortable. I’m working to change that." 


...remind you of anyone?


Help find the missing million
In the 2011 General Election nearly one million eligible voters did not vote. Over two hundred thousand people were not even enrolled. Voter turn-out was the worst it has ever been!  PSA Youth members have told us that that you want to help mobilise this missing million.   Here are a few ways you can get involved– it’s up to you what you sign up to: 



Get Out and Vote
You’ve already heard from the PSA about the Get Out and Vote campaign. 


This is a Council of Trade Unions (CTU) coordinated campaign (that the PSA and many other unions are committed to supporting) to encourage people to vote this election. 


If you haven’t signed up already, please do so here.


This is the action we’d most love you to take!  How you support the campaign is up to you.  You’ll be able to select tasks like talking to family, friends and/or colleagues about voting, collecting pledges to vote, promoting the campaign through social media, putting up posters at work, phoning potential voters, and signing up more volunteers.  We’ll support you with training. 



Enjoy music?  Rock Enrol! 
Rock Enrol has a similar approach to Get Out and Vote, with volunteers signing up to collect pledges to vote this election. 


But Rock Enrol is focused solely on the youth vote, and one of the campaign’s main strategies is to connect with potential voters at gigs and other events. 

Interested in listening to some great tunes whilst encouraging people to vote?  Then sign up as a Rock Enrol volunteer here.  Note that you would be receiving communications from Rock Enrol, not your union. 




PSA Youth activities in your region
If you want to help organise additional youth-focused activities then look no further than the PSA Youth regional action groups. 

Action groups, in place since last year, are the place for grass-roots local activism. 

Each regional convenor is organising post-conference gatherings of interested members, so if you’re keen to get involved, please email and we’ll put you in touch with the right person. 

  What about party policy? 
Stand Up, the youth wing of the Council of Trade Unions, is planning to put a bunch of policy questions to each of the political parties, then score their answers. 

The questions will focus on things like youth rates, insecure work and student loans.  Stand Up would love to hear suggestions on questions or themes for this policy analysis.  Please email with any ideas. 


Are you a climate voter?
Environmental youth organisation Generation Zero is putting on a series of weekend workshops in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington called ClimateVote. 

The purpose is to build young climate change leaders and show all political parties that climate change is important to voters, and encourage all parties to commit to decent climate change policy. 

To learn more and sign up for a workshop, see

Member Q&A
Samantha Williams, Library Assistant, Auckland

This month we catch up with Samantha Williams - a library assistant in Auckland.  As always, the full Q&A is over at the website but here's a snippet:

What are your three pet peeves?
Not being able to find a pen (I now keep one on my name tag lanyard), cars that are parked over 2 parking spots, and the sound of people snorting (it's worse than nails on a chalk board).


...and finally
A look at how America plans to increase voter turn out:

Introducing your new Upper North Island convener

Congratulations to Cory Anderson from Auckland Council, who is your new Upper North Island regional convener.  

We would like to thank Temira Rissetto for all her great work and contribution to the network.

 A word from Cory:

"Hi there!  I put my hand up for the Upper North Island convener of PSA Youth because I believe passionately in building inclusive grass-roots unionism.  Unions are the biggest voluntary organisations in the country, and our involvement counts for more than we sometimes think.  Through the union, we can have a say on workplace issues that affect us every day and have a positive influence in the world beyond work too.


I've been involved with the PSA Youth network since I joined the union last year.  Attending last year's national conference and this year's Upper North Island planning day was a great crash-course on getting involved in the union. Previous to being a PSA member I've been involved in a range of causes, including the campaigns to end youth rates and raise the minimum wage, as well campaigning on student issues in my time at Otago University.


My goal as convener of PSA Youth in the Upper North Island is to encourage more young PSA members to step forward and take an active role.  I want to organize more events for members and really want to hear what you would like to do.  I'm also keen to help build PSA Youth beyond Auckland, and would like ideas on how we can support our members in "the regions."  If you have an idea for something you want to see in Auckland or beyond, contact me!


Finally, if you haven't signed up as a volunteer for this year's "Get Out and Vote" campaign, go to and do so!".


Regional conference tour a success!
Over the last month, we have been holding regional conferences across the county. Focusing on the general election, these conferences enabled members to hear about the PSA's and the CTU's campaign and how they can get involved!


As part of these conferences many election issues were bought to the table including: employment, housing, the restructuring of the Public Service and the Christchurch earthquake.  Panels, featuring MPs from across the political spectrum, spoke in depth about these issues and the potential solutions.


Each region was set a task of creating their own campaign during the election to run alongside “get out and vote”.  It included ideas like: engaging workmates and family to vote, campaigning with other organisations e.g. Universities and Generation Zero, and becoming an election volunteer to help co-ordinate others.


If you are interested in being involved in your regional action group around the election campaign please get in touch with your local convener, detailed on the sidebar. 


Check out Facebook albums for some snaps.  You might spot yourself or someone your know.  


Video 2 vote!
By creating a video promoting voting you could win up to $750!

NZUSA, the representative organisation for tertiary students, is running a video competition for students and women under 30.  Contestants make a short video about why it’s important to vote with reference to the important voting information.  There are certain criteria and rules so for information please go to

Member Q&A

This month we catch up with Syed Shah - a StudyLink officer in Wellington.

As always, the full Q&A is on the website but here's a snippet:

What were you initial thoughts on signing up to do this Q&A?
Geez, I am going to be famous now.

Resources from regional conferences

PSA UMR survey - PSA Youth conferences 2014

CTU campaign presentation

Gen Zero presentation

Drum roll for your new PSA Youth national convenor…
Congratulations to Joseph Murray-Cullen (Joe) from the Ministry of Primary Industries in Wellington, who has been elected by PSA Youth members as the new national convenor!


It was a tight race between eight fantastic candidates.  I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who stood for this leadership role.  It was great to see so many people keen to step up  – we’ve never before had so many contenders. 


Thank you also to the 421 members who voted!  Democracy in action!


A message from your new convenor:


Tēnā koutou. 

I am honoured to be the new PSA Youth national convenor. Many thanks to Asher for his great work as convenor and to you for your vote of confidence.  Commiserations to the runners up –


I was impressed by the quality and calibre of the candidates – I think it really highlights the great talent pool and diversity we have in the PSA Youth network. 

I went for PSA Youth national convenor because I am keen to see strong youth connectivity across the public sector, a greater voice for young people in public service decisions and ensure we get the most out of being part of our union.  I will come back to you on my priorities once I have met with the other PSA Youth convenors, the lovely folk at the PSA and heard how the regional conferences went. 


Some of you will be aware that the PSA Youth regional conferences have begun – the first was in Auckland last week.  I am really excited to hear the key ideas that come out of these conferences.  I encourage everyone going to really make the most of the opportunity to network with your fellow regional members.  


Two things I would really like to see coming out of the conferences are:

• A plan of cction for each region that includes commitments by each attendee about what they will do to make it work

• Regular regional PSA Youth network meetings to drive the action plan and ensure good coordination.


Thanks again everyone.  Look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and working together successfully over the next two years. 


Feel free to send me an email anytime with suggestions or ideas:


Hei konā rā Joe


A leadership opportunity in the North Island
We’re looking for an Upper North Island regional convenor
Convenors are elected to two-year terms, and Temira Rissetto’s elected term as Upper North Island regional convenor is coming to an end in June. 


If you are a PSA member aged 35 or under and live anywhere from Taupo north, you can stand for this fantastic role. 


There are four regional PSA Youth convenors who work with the national convenor and PSA staff to help plan and carry out the variety of activities that PSA Youth is involved in.  The Upper North Island Regional Convenor is particularly focused on activities in that region. 


Convenors meet every few months in person and monthly via teleconference to organise and coordinate our work.  This is a voluntary role but we will support you to negotiate paid time from work to carry out your responsibilities, and we will meet all costs.

You can find out more about what’s expected and development opportunities in this role description. PSA Youth network organiser Joseph Bradford and current PSA Youth regional convenor Temira Rissetto are also happy to answer any questions you might have about the role. 


The Upper North Island Regional Convenor will be elected by an email ballot of PSA Youth members in the region.  To find out more, or to submit an expression of interest, email or phone 0508 367 772.  Expressions of interest close on Thursday 22 May.


Want a leadership opportunity in a different region?
The first step is to get involved in the regional action group in your region.  Email to get involved.  The Lower North Island regional convenor will be up for election in November 2014, and the two South Island convenor positions in June 2015.  


Report back from Auckland PSA Youth election conference
We had a fantastic Upper North Island regional PSA Youth conference in Auckland last week.  Members discussed their priority issues, heard from a panel on the housing crisis and cost of living; got to throw lots of questions at Labour and Green MPs Jacinda Ardern and Denise Roche; discussed election strategy with Laila Harre from the CTU, Conor Twyford from the PSA, and Kirk Serpes and Sam Dyson from Generation Zero; and formulated an election plan for the region.  And that’s not even half of it!  You can check out some pics on Facebook here


We’re looking forward to conferences in Dunedin this week, Christchurch next and Wellington the week after.  We’ll keep you informed about plans that come out of the conferences and how you can get involved. 


Yes, that’s Joey Bradford posing as usual! 


PSA Youth remits to Congress 2014
In last month’s newsletter we invited PSA Youth members to be part of a group developing remits to take to the PSA Congress in 2014, where our ideas will be debated and voted on by delegates.  The group has come up with three remits that we plan to take to Congress.  These are:


  1. Formal representation at Congress for PSA Youth and other networks, and voting rights
  2. Free student membership of the PSA – make this permanent in the PSA rules
  3. Free transitional membership for PSA members in between jobs


We will be in touch with more information about these remits closer to Congress.  Thanks to everyone who helped in their development.


Member Q&A: Dave Lanfontant
Customer Service Rep in the Hamilton Contact Centre for Work and Income

This month we catch up with Dave Lanfontant.


As always, the full Q&A is over at the website but here's a snippet:


What would you say is the hardest thing about your job? Dealing with angry or frustrated people, who take out their frustrations on me directly when it’s the first time I’ve spoken with them.


And finally...

Originally published here.


Come on, let's get out the vote!

One million Kiwis didn't vote last general election. The Get Out The Vote campaign - an independent, non-partisan project of the NZ union movement - aims to change that this year! We need your help to encourage the people you know to enrol now and vote in September.

We’ll be giving some thought to this at the PSAY regional conferences, but for now, please sign up for the campaign (and an info pack to help you promote voting) at


Report on PSI Youth & OSRAC meeting in Sydney

On 19 March the Public Service International (PSI) held its first youth affiliate meeting in Sydney, before a wider Oceania PSI meeting. PSA organiser Nick Kelly attended both meetings as one of the two Oceania youth reps. Katie Rowsell, a former PSA delegate now working for the Australian Community Public Service Union (CPSU) is the other Oceania youth rep, so the PSA are certainly making ourselves known!

There were 10 attendees at the youth meeting, representing 5 affiliate unions and 3 countries. The aim of the meeting was to introduce young people to PSI and its work, as well as giving them a taste of the issues that PSI deals with on a global basis.

Katie Rowsell gave a presentation called "PSI: Opportunities for Youth", highlighting the opportunities that PSI offers young people to get their message out there and to develop leadership skills. Solidarity with our fellow unionists from around the world, and meeting leaders in our movement were also pointed out as big pluses for being involved.

One of the focuses of the meetings was the Robin Hood Tax campaign. This is a proposed small tax on the banking and finance sector which would raise significant revenue that could be put into public services.

Paul Collier from the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association, gave examples of how his union is active on this tax justice issue. The group then went and had a photo shoot wearing the Robin Hood hats, much to the fascination of the public. PSI has been working on the Tax Justice campaign, and specifically the push for the Robin Hood tax, for some time now. They have some good online resources and an amusing video clip for the campaign.

Robin Hood Tax - PSI meeting

Our very own Nick Kelly spoke about multinational companies and tax justice. The group was shocked to discover how little many corporate giants are contributing back in tax. Ideas were brainstormed on how to highlight awareness of this in young people. Mike Tana, our PSA President, also attended the meeting and gave out sage advice to the group on stepping up and the importance of young people being involved in unions.

It was a really inspiring and fun meeting that will have ongoing impact on affiliates with attendees enthusiastic to do more. A resolution on the development of regional awards for youth and their mentors, and a recommendation to support the Oceania PSI youth work plan were endorsed by the Oceania PSI committee.

While at the conference, Nick and Katie attended a Unions NSW meeting, at which they heard about a union intern program where university students could volunteer to help with organising and other union work during university holidays. Unions NSW had also run a number of union stalls during university orientation week to promote unionism and encourage working students to become active union members. Both of these projects had been reported as a success.

Overall the PSA affiliation to the PSI is important as it provides a link to other public service unions internationally. PSI is going through a number of challenges due to financial issues and global attacks on public services. PSA and PSAY can play a positive leadership role in helping PSI overcome these challenges and being a dynamic and active international union organisation for the 21st century.


Call for expressions of interest for regional election planning PSA Youth conferences
May 2014

We are calling all PSA Youth members interested in helping to secure worker friendly policy and a fairer New Zealand this election year!  This year regional conferences will take place instead of a national PSA Youth conference and now is the time to express your interest in attending.  The dates are:


Auckland, Ferndale House, Mt Albert, 8-9 May 

Dunedin, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 15-16 May 

Christchurch, CityPark Motel, Riccarton, 22-23 May 

Wellington, PSA House, Central Wellington, 26-27 May


The regional conferences are designed to allow PSA Youth members to get together with other young members in your region, help shape the PSA’s election strategy, get practical training, hear from candidates and others on local issues, and make plans to work on in your area during the election campaign.  Together we’ll identify the priority issues and goals for your region in election year, and develop a plan for how to achieve these.

This year the regional conferences will take place instead of a national PSAY conference.  The programme will be a lot less structured and full than the usual national conference programme, to allow plenty of time for discussion, planning and networking.  Check the FAQs for more info on the programme.  

The regional conferences are open to PSA members aged 35 and under who are committed to being active in the election campaign.  You don’t need to be based in one of the four host cities to attend.  All transport, accommodation (where needed) and meal costs will be met by the PSA, but you will need to take annual leave or negotiate paid leave to attend.  Please consider this before submitting your expression of interest.  


Expressions of interest can be made here and are due by 8 April and spaces are limited, so you’ll need to get in quick!


Check the FAQs for info on the programme, eligibility for attendance, taking leave, travel, accommodation and much much more.  


Wanna be PSA Youth national convenor? (or got some Qs for candidates)?
Step up to a leadership role to help shapes PSA Youth and the future of our union 

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Asher Goldman is now a PSA staff member, which means we need to elect a new national convenor!


The national convenor works with the regional convenors and PSA staff to help plan and carry out the variety of activities that PSA Youth is involved in. We meet every few months in person and monthly via teleconference to organise and coordinate our work.  The role has a two-year term. 


You can find out more about what’s expected and development opportunities in this role description.  PSA Youth Project Organiser Susannah Bailey and Asher Goldman are also happy to answer any questions you might have about the role.  
The National Convenor will be elected by an email ballot of PSA Youth members.  To find out more, or to submit an expression of interest, email or phone 0508 367 772 by 28 March. 


What would you like to know from national convenor candidates?  If you’ve got a question you’d like us to put to them, please email 


Want to change the way we do things at the PSA?
Help develop PSA Youth remits to take to Congress 2014

At the 2013 PSA Youth Conference, PSA Youth members came up with lots of great ideas for different ways of doing things at the PSA.  These included suggestions around the fee structure, student membership, and providing different forms of association with the union.


In September 2014, we will have the opportunity to take our ideas to the ultimate decision-making body of the PSA: the Congress of PSA members. 


But first we need to put some work into determining our priorities and fine-tuning these ideas to take to Congress. 


We’d like to invite you to express your interest in being part of a focus group of PSA Youth members to help.   Depending on the location and availability of the participating members, we will either meet over teleconference or videoconference a couple of times, or meet in person for approximately half a day (at no cost to you).  We need to have our ideas finalised to submit by 23 May. 


Interested or have any questions?  Email or call Susannah on 0508 367 772.

Guy Standing on precarious work
Report back from Guy’s February 2014 workshops and lectures

In February, Guy Standing, author of The Precariat: A New Dangerous Class, visited New Zealand for a series of talks and workshops on the growing prevalence of insecure work.  PSA Youth worked with CTU Stand Up to organise an inter-union youth-focused event in Auckland.


Guy described a growing class of precarious workers (“The Precariat”) who struggle for meaningful secure work, income security, time, representation, and a sense of identity and life narrative. 


Guy challenged unions to better represent the Precariat, including people in between jobs.  The youth event was attended by approximately 60 young unionists and community activists.  Participants took the time to reflect on Guy Standing’s suggestions and started developing a plan for action.  Some of the activities participants said they’d like to do are:


  • helping draft new policy to protect people from being forced into insecure work, and choosing to vote for a political party that adopts the policy
  • start a broad-based campaign for a universal basic income
  • work with community groups and unions to pressure Labour to repeal the latest harmful welfare reforms
  • encourage PSA to expand membership coverage to include people between jobs and incentivise “insecure workers” to join
  • build a put the Living Wage campaign in workplaces.

You can check our pics from the event on Facebook here


Guy’s visit gave us plenty to reflect on in election year.  If you’re interested in getting involved in a campaign on precarious work, email to be added to the email list, and have a think about joining a PSA Youth regional election planning workshop!

Recruit student members 

Win a Sharp microsystem

We are running a competition over university orientation week to recruit student members to the PSA. 


PSA's student membership is FREE to tertiary students studying full-time towards or interested in work in the community or public sectors.  


Student members receive our magazines and newsletters, invitations to events, phone advice, and access to PSA Plus discounts.  Best of all they get to find out what it’s like to be part of a union before their career gets underway. 


Now that’s an easy sell!  Now we just need people like you to let students know about the PSA. 


Every student you sign up before 31 March will get you an entry in the draw to win a Sharp Slim Micro System with Lightning Dock and Bluetooth, worth $400.  You can dock an iPad or iPod on the speakers, or connect any device through Bluetooth or a cable (iPod and iPad not included - sorry).


Simply ask people to sign up online or order student membership forms for them to fill and post in (email


To enter the draw you’ll need to email with the subject line 'student membership' and the names of the people you recruited.  

For more information on student membership click here


Happy recruiting, and good luck!

Farewell but not goodbye

National convenor Asher Goldman

  Asher Goldman, PSA Youth national convenor, was recently appointed to the role of media advisor at the PSA in Wellington. 


We are excited to have him on board but that does mean he's a staff member of the PSA and no longer able to continue in his elected role. 


Asher has been the national convenor for over a year now, and has put a lot of time, energy, enthusiasm and skill into growing the network. 

Asher will still be active on youth union issues as a PSA staff member and also as co-convenor of the Council of Trade Unions Stand Up youth network. 

The regional convenors will be meeting soon to discuss the election process for Asher's replacement as national convenor.  Please email if you are interested in the role, or have any questions.

Upper South Island regional action group meeting

Jessi Abrams, PSA Youth Upper South Island Convenor, is running a Facebook page for her region, where she’ll be posting updates, events, and fun things as often as she can.



Interested in environmental issues?

We heard from members at the PSA Youth Conference that you’d like to increase activity of the PSA’s Eco Rep network, and review the PSA’s Sustainability policy.  


Join the PSA Eco Rep network to hear about ways you can get involved - email PSA Youth member Gabie George at


Check out this hilarious clip from The Daily Show on the campaign for a living wage for fast food workers in the US:

Most popular one word description for PSA Youth Conference 2013 = AWESOME! 

 Ttransformer logo

The PSA Youth Conference took place on 18 and 19 November.  It was a really fabulous couple of days with loads of energy, engagement, ideas, and members keen to get more involved.  Here are a few conference-related numbers:

148 expressions of interest
92 young members attended
23 speakers
4 conference facilitators
4 regional action groups (and post-conference meetings)
10 blue-sky thinking groups
5 PSAY convenors
8 participant-led workshops
26 staff who assisted in some way before, during or after
3 hilarious energisers
1 “pub” quiz
100 (exactly!) new PSAY Facebook members over the two days
50 mini-transformers (and several mega-transformers!)
20kg of lollies consumed!

There were loads of great speakers and some seriously inspiring group work.  Groups put their mind to PSA Youth’s role in the election campaign next year, blue sky ideas for how to transform our union, and formed regional action groups to lead activities in their regions.  Members led eight participant-led workshops on topics as diverse as multicultural diversity in the workplace, unions and climate change, child poverty, insecure work, LGBTI youth, Irlens syndrome and disability in the workplace, unions as an independent voice, and challenging neoliberalism.  


You can check out loads of pics, videos and comment on Facebook (on the PSAY wall here - click on other posts on the right to see posts from members – and in this photo album).  And you can check out the many conference-related tweets.  

For more information on the conference including links to the various presentations, check out our website here.  Also, check out pages 18-19 of the December PSA Journal for a feature on conference!

PSA Youth Conference 2013 presentations

Click below to check out some of the PowerPoint presentations for the PSA Youth Conference 2013.  We will add more presentations as we get them.
Unions and the environment
State servants campaigning
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PSA Youth at your workplace

Recently PSA members at the Ministry of Education invited PSAY National Convenor Asher Goldman to come and speak at the first of their regular union drinks. Asher spoke about the youth network, the future of our union and how experienced members can help to mentor younger unionists and support them to take leadership roles.


Asher is happy to come and speak to other groups of PSA members (and potential members) during lunch breaks or after work in the Wellington CBD – get in touch with him at if you’d like to invite him to your workplace!



Dunedin Youth Leadership Training – 23 & 24 September

Report from Erin Hodgson, Lower South Island Regional Youth Convenor

   "A productive and insightful 2 days was spent learning about what leadership means, and what skills and experience each of us bring to the leadership table.  It was great to see everyone getting involved, and there was a lot of respect and support shown, which will hopefully continue into the future with the new friendships and networks made. 


This was also an opportunity to plan for the future, and amongst other things, there are plans for submissions to MP’s, Personal Development opportunities and the Lower South Island Regional Action Group.  Thanks to all those who attended.  It was great to see a room filled with such bright and motivated young leaders!" 

Check out some hilarious pics from the training on Facebook here.  


Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) – It’s not right

Take action against the Government signing this free trade agreement without public consultation

The NZ Government is negotiating in secret an international agreement that could have a huge effect on the lives of ordinary kiwis.  It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), and it involves eleven Asian and Pacific-rim countries, including the United States.


From what we know from leaked documents from the secret negotiations, the TPPA would make it much harder for the current or any future government to protect workers and consumers, look after our environment, promote health and the public interest.  Please join the main thousands of kiwis including celebrities Don McGlashan, Russell Brown, Michele A’Court, Julia Deans, and Willy Jackson who are calling for the Government to publicly release the draft text of the TPPA. 


Go here to sign a petition, watch a video and learn more about the TPPA.  


Pay Equity at PSA Women’s Network Conference

Report back from PSAY member Francie Mountier

"The PSA Women’s Network Conference was held at PSA House on 17 September.  It was a great day, with women there from all over the country.   There was a good showing of PSAY members – and Hannah Gabriel, a PSAY member from Wellington, was elected to the Committee.

The highlight of the day was Lisa Heap’s speech about the recent Pay Equity win in Australia. Lisa is the Executive Director Australian Institute of Employment Rights Inc, and was invited to NZ by the PSA.

The gender pay gap in Australia is 17.5%.  This worsened after Workchoices was brought in.  Like NZ, Australia has had Pay Equity legislation since 1972.  Under their legislation, a male comparator is not necessary, and discrimination in the setting of rates doesn’t need to be proved.  But only 1 claim has been heard – the Community Services Award – and one further claim lodged (the Childcare Educators).

A team took the Community Services pay equity case in Queensland because they had adopted a Pay Equity Principle in 2002 i.e. the legislative framework there was better than elsewhere.  In Queensland, relevant work features are also considered, such as ‘a high proportion of small workplaces, predominantly female workforce, high proportion of part time and casual employment’ - From Lisa’s slides.

The Commission in Queensland accepted the case, and eventually the national Commission did too.  Wage increases of between 19 and 41% were granted.  This was after a massive campaign run by unionists and committed activists.  Thousands of people wrote letters, marched, protested… Check it out:  Lisa said the campaign was the “magic” that ensured success.

Here in NZ we also have an exciting situation with Kristine Bartlett’s recent win in the Employment Court.  Kristine is a care-worker and Service and Food Workers Union member.  She has worked at Riverleigh Rest Home in Lower Hutt for 19 years and is still paid only $14.46 an hour.  The Court made two important findings:

“The first was that the pay rate of Bartlett and her colleagues should correctly be compared to the pay rate of men with the same skills in other industries. The second was that the court was allowed to intervene and set a fair pay rate when pay equality of remuneration is lacking… A second court hearing will look at the comparison and, if necessary, correct the wage rate of Bartlett and her colleagues. – Peter Cullen, Cullen – the Employment Law Firm

 Let’s see that magic here, too, with Pay Equity campaigning stepping up to support Kristine and to ensure a win out of this historic moment.  Pay and Employment Equity is one of the PSA’s four 2020 strategic plan goals. 


Currently the NZ gender pay gap is 9.32%, and in the Public Service, it’s 13.7%.  The libraries campaign, the Home Support: Time to Care campaign, and the DHB clerical and admin workers campaign all have a strong pay equity component.  There’s an awesome film (forthcoming) of the work PSA women have done over the last 100 years."


For more information on the PSA women's network click here.

PSA Youth national conference

PSA Youth convenors planning for national conference 2013


Transforming our Union and our Society: Making our Voice Count
18 & 19 November, Auckland University of Technology
PSA Youth is proud to announce the PSA Youth National Conference 2013. This conference is for  PSA Youth members interested in transforming our union and our society!

The annual conference is an opportunity to network and share ideas with other young PSA members from across the country; to be inspired by speakers from the union, community, media and political worlds; and to learn more about what our union does and how you can contribute.

Submit your expression of interest and read the FAQs here.  

 Expressions of interest are due expressions of interest close at 10am Monday 16th September, so you’ll need to get in quick! 

Yes! Libraries are worth saving

An insight by Pollyanne Pena
On Tuesday 3 September, Wellingtonians attended a debate about the worth of our public libraries. The debate was organised by Wellington Library Coalition (WLC), a group formed this year, aimed at stopping further cuts to library funding and staffing.


I was approached earlier last month by my friendly PSA campaign organizer Conor to add a “youthful” perspective to the debate and immediately said yes. While my activism is predominately centered around feminism, I couldn’t resist the chance to argue for the place that has continued to foster my love of learning, continuous education and my wider community.


Disappointingly, our libraries’ budget has been reduced year after year. As a result, library staff are under increasing pressure; services like story-reading time, school holiday programmes and the books for babies schemes have been cut back or stopped entirely, and stock is no longer rotated around branches, meaning smaller branch libraries offer a reduced selection of materials.


I had an absolute blast participating in the debate, the crowd was jovial, incredibly bright and very friendly. Most heartening was the mix of genders, ages, ethnicities and class coming together and all getting in behind the idea of saving these amazing community spaces. Many thanks to the PSA for inviting me to be part of such an important community discussion and my PSAY delegate Asher for coming along and supporting me on the night.


My favourite quote of the evening? “When you try and access the internet, sometimes the connection doesn’t work, the link you want to use is broken, there will always be problems but you can guarantee with a book, when you open it up, there will always be words on the page.”


PSA Member David Do on writing and presenting a personal submission

A submission is a fancy word for saying what you think about a draft law. You can write about it, talk about it to MPs, or even make a song and a dance about it (although I have still never actually seen an interpretative dance – I wonder what that would be like?!).
Telling your own story is the best thing to do if you will be personally affected by the draft law. At the end of the day you know best how you feel, what you know, and what you think.
You can also submit on a draft law if you are concerned about this affects others - by talking with your friends, family, and work colleagues, you will know how a draft law might affect them.
You should ask to do an oral submission if you put in a written submission. An oral submission is one of the best ways to convince and make MPs understand your point of view.
It gives you the chance to expand and reinforce some of the things you may have put in your written submission. Go beyond what you wrote in your submission - make the issue come alive! For example, if you mentioned the impact on young workers by the draft law in your submission, you can tell a few stories about how this has and will affect you or your friends in the real world.
Nerves are always normal - I get them before I do any public speaking even though I have done it many times before. The important thing is to be prepared - know what you want to say and why you're saying it.
MPs that are supportive of your position are more likely to ask questions. They will usually be questions that encourage you to expand on the points you have made. I find that MPs that are opposed to your position rarely ask questions.
So if you're asked about “making a submission”, just do it. Your thoughts, stories, and experiences count as much as anyone else. Its your voice – use it!


Make an informed vote in the local government elections

Local elections aren’t very sexy, but they are very important!
Do you care about transport, housing affordability, health services, parks, libraries, and the employment conditions of many thousands of PSA members?  Local elections determine how our towns, cities and hospitals are run.


Voter turnout for local elections is appallingly low, and young people are particularly bad at voting. 


Local elections can be confusing – it’s hard to know who all the candidates are, what they stand for, and how voting works: 

*  This website has useful info on the electoral system and the candidates in your area. 
*  The PSA has two leaflets about some of the issues to think about when you vote: one on councils and one on DHBs
*  Election forums are a great way to hear from the candidates and put questions to them.  If you’re Auckland-based here’s one to put in your diary:  Youth and Living Wage Local Government Candidates Forum 24 September, 12.30-1.30pm Auckland University Quad


Postal voting takes place between 20 September and the 12 October.  Enrolled voters should receive ballots within a couple of weeks.  If you haven’t enrolled at your current address you’ll need to request special voting papers.   


Report back from Stand Up youth conference 2013

  On 10th and 11th July 2013 NZCTU held a two day Stand Up conference for 60+ young unionists from across NZ. The theme this year was Modernising Unions to Connect with young workers.17 PSA members attended the conference.
There were a number of speakers including Sandra Grey, Alex White, Joseph Scales and Owen Jones who skyped in from London. One highlight was the ideas workshops which were held after each of the speakers, they seemed to ignite a spark in members for greater youth engagement. 
There was also an opportunity for participant-led workshops - the PSA held one on the Employment Relations Amendments to educate participants on the proposed changes, the real life effect, and how they could go about writing a submission against them.
PSA's national youth convenor Asher Goldman was elected as one of the two co-convenors of Stand Up at the conference alongside Vera Williams from education union NZEI. We look forward to seeing great things from them.

Union Women Leading

Union Women Leading was the theme of the 2013 CTU Biennial Women’s Conference on the 26th & 27th July,  which was attended by six PSA Youth members.


The earthquake in Wellington threatened to disrupt the conference but it was moved to a location closer to the airport and was a great success.


The program featured a Keynote speech from Helen Kelly, President of the CTU who spoke on key issues impacting on the union movement at local, national and international levels and the union movement’s strategic approach. There was a variety of topics such as women in male dominated industries, what it takes to be a women leader in the union movement of today, and Maori and Pacific women leadership.


The highlight of the conference was celebrity guest Robyn Malcolm who spoke about her experience as a member of Actors Equity. 
Members with actress Robyn Malcolm

Over 7500 PSA submissions against changes to employment law!

Thanks to all the PSA Youth members who spoke up and made your views known on the Government’s attack on our rights at work. PSA Youth national convenor Asher Goldman made a submission on behalf of PSA Youth, which you can read here. The submission focused on what PSA Youth members raised during the Stand Up youth conference in discussions about the proposed reforms.
Next comes the oral submissions to the select committee – if you want to support other PSA members when they make their submission, please email and let her know which centre you live in.
For PSA members to send in a total of 7842 submissions against the bill is an outstanding achievement. Now we need to continue to put pressure on MPs to defend our rights to organise together for better workplaces and working conditions.

Stop the government from slashing your employment rights

You may have seen a PSA Update alerting you to the government’s proposed changes to the Employment Relations Act that would remove many employment rights and place more power in the hands of employers.


Many of the changes will affect vulnerable workers including youth disproportionately. They will make it harder to improve your pay and conditions of employment, and would inevitably lead to lower pay for already struggling young workers.   Weren’t youth rates enough?! 


PSA Youth members have taken a lead in fighting other legislation including the introduction of youth rates and changes to the State Sector Act.  Let’s show our strength by fighting this too!


To write a quick form submission click here


For information on what the proposed changes could mean for you, and a guide to writing a personal submission click here


Submissions close on 25 July, so please don’t delay!


South Island Convenor elections

Erin with her niece PSA Youth is very pleased to introduce Erin Hodgson as the new Lower South Island PSA Youth Regional Convenor. 


Erin is a Regional Case Manager and Service Quality Office for the Ministry of Social Development in Dunedin, and has experience as a PSA delegate. 


Erin is excited about working with southern members to help grow the voice of PSA Youth. 

As there are two candidates for the new position of Upper South Island PSA Youth Regional Convenor, we are currently running an election process with members in the region.


Voting closes this Friday 21 June, so if you’re based in the upper South Island (Canterbury and north), please fish out the last email from us and vote now!


Keep Our Assets Petition Signathon

Weekend of 22-23 June

People around New Zealand will be collecting signatures in the last drive to reach the target to force a citizen’s initiated referendum on asset sales. The deadline for petition gathering is 31 June, and we’re very close - we only need a few thousand more signatures. 


Please sign up as a signature collector here or if you know of a good site for collecting signatures tell the team here.                  


For more information on the Keep Our Assets campaign head over to the site here.    


if you've signed the petition but you're not on the enrolled to vote your voice won't count - so check to see if you are enrolled or sign up now!


PSA Youth represent at CTU conferences

The PSA is sponsoring 15 PSA Youth members to attend the Stand Up Youth Conference and 6 PSA Youth members to attend the CTU Women’s Conference next month.


It has been awesome to see so much interest from PSA Youth in attending these conferences.  We had almost 3x the expressions of interests than spaces for Stand Up and we managed to wrangle 6, rather than the original 2, spots at the Women’s conference. 


It's great to see PSA Youth members getting involved and means our voice won't be under-represented at these conferences!  


We’ll let you know how the conferences went in future newsletters. 


Remember to keep your eye out for other opportunities to get involved, and make sure you get in quick!


Member Q&A - the life of a Parking Officer

William on the right

This month we profile William Wong, a Parking Officer for Auckland Transport. The full interview can be found on here, but here’s a taste:


What advice would you give your 18year old self?  


"Cut down on the bakery on way to work, it packs on real fast."



Let us know if you, a colleague or friend would like to feature in our member Q&A, otherwise we might just randomly give you a call!


PSA Youth poster

We made this quick PSA Youth version of a poster that's doing the rounds on Facebook. 

Right click and save as to share it or download this pdf version and print your own.


PSA Youth Regional Committees/Action Groups

At the 2012 PSA Youth National Conference members decided to set up  Regional PSA Youth Committees. These committees (now known as regional action groups) will support the work of the three regional convenors.

Being part of a regional action group will mean you can share your ideas with local PSA members, and help to organise activities in your region.

Regional action groups  will communicate online and there will also be regular opportunities to meet in person.

If you’re interested in becoming a regional action group member, please email, including your location, so we can work out the appropriate regional group for you.

PSA Youth sponsoring members to attend inter-union youth conference

Note: the dates are 10 & 11 July not 11 & 12 July as stated in the newsletter.

PSA Youth is calling for expressions of interest (EOIs) to attend the Council of Trade Union (CTU)’s biennial Stand Up youth conference on 10 & 11 July in Wellington.  This year’s theme is Union modernisation – building relevance to young workers in the 21st century.   Young members from across a range of unions will hear from speakers and workshop on this theme.  

The PSA will sponsor up to 12 young members (under 35 years old) to attend – including registration fees, transport, accommodation and food.  You will need to organise your own leave to attend.  Some workplaces may allow you to use union leave – you can discuss with your delegate or organiser.

If you are interested in attending please send an EOI to by 31 May with your workplace, location and a brief explanation of why you’d like to attend. 

CTU Women’s Conference – 26 & 27 July

The CTU Women’s Conference is taking place in Wellington on 26 and 27 July, and we’re keen to have a couple of young women from PSA Youth representing. Let us know if you’re interested in attending and we’ll send you more info when available - simply email

Come to Wellington PSA Youth drinks and nibbles!

PSA Youth are holding a social with free drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic options) and nibbles from 5pm on Thursday May 23rd at PSA House, Level 6, 11 Aurora Terrace. It’s a great chance to come and meet your fellow union members from across the range of workplaces that the PSA represents, and if you’re interested, to get more involved in the range of work that PSA Youth does to help educate and activate our union’s younger (under 35) members.
At a recent PSAY Youth Leadership Training day in Wellington, a number of people talked about wanting help to become more confident public speakers and better at speaking up in their own workplaces, so we’ll be playing a quick and easy game that you’re welcome to join in on during the evening that will help you improve these skills.
When: 5 – 7pm, Thursday 23rd May
Where: PSA House, Level 6, 11 Aurora Terrace (off The Terrace near the Parliament end)
Who: PSA members under 35 years old
Please RSVP to beforehand to help us know how many to cater for, but you can still turn up on the night regardless.

Step up to a leadership role: Become a South Island PSA Youth regional convenor

We’re looking for one or maybe two people to step up and volunteer to be a regional convenor for PSA Youth in the South Island. The regional convenors work with the national convenor and PSA staff to help plan and carry out the variety of activities that PSA Youth is involved in. We meet irregularly in person and regularly via teleconference to organise and coordinate our work.

The regional convenor role has a two-year term.  The convenors are expected to:
•  help develop and implement the annual plan
•  attend, develop and participate in PSA Youth events
•  help to coordinate activities in your region
•  update the PSA Youth Facebook page
•  help grow the network
•  be a link to the CTU’s youth union movement “Stand Up”

We will support you in the role by providing you with guidance and assistance, funding for activities, and training and development opportunities. We will work with you on your goals and split tasks and responsibilities across the convenor team according to interest.

The South Island Convenor(s) will be elected by an email ballot of South Island PSA Youth members.  
To find out more, or to submit an expression of interest, email before 29 May.

Many thanks to Rachelle Boulton, our outgoing South Island convenor, for all her hard work.


PSA Youth grows 5-fold overnight!

At the PSA Youth national conference,  members decided that we should sign up all members aged 35 and under to the network.  The members who’ve been in know it’s the place to be, and they reckon anyone not in has been missing out!  We now have 10,000 PSA Youth – that’s a lot of power!


If you know of a young PSA member who isn’t receiving the PSA Youth newsletters - get them to phone 0508 367 772 or email – we’re probably missing their DOB or email.


Youth members hitting headlines (and select committees)

A number of PSA Youth members have spoken at select committees recently, including on the introduction of youth rates, proposals to deny state sector workers redundancy, a Labour bill to increase paid parental leave, and marriage equality.  They stood up on issues important to them and the union, and demonstrated what an amazing bunch of educated and articulate people we have in the union.  


PSA Youth members Evelyn Moody and David Do hit the headlines following their select committee appearances on paid parental leave and marriage equality (respectively).  Awesome work!

We’ll be in touch about other opportunities to write submissions or speak at select committees, but feel free to get in touch at any time for advice – email


Youth leadership training – Day 2

Day 2 of the PSA Youth Leadership Training took place in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in March.  The day 2 programme focused on styles and forms of leadership, leadership skills, and developing leadership plans.  A lot of members said that the training has inspired them to get more involved in the PSA, their community and workplace.  Many said they were now keen to become delegates, join a PSAY regional committee, and organise workshops and other activities in their region.

Check out pics from the training on Facebook here.  We will be rolling out the training programme to other regions this year and next. 


Free PSA membership for students!

The PSA is trialling free student membership for full-time tertiary students studying towards or interested in work in the public or community sectors. 


It’s one way of getting young people thinking about and involved in unions before entering the workplace.  Student members will receive phone advice on their employment rights, our magazines and newsletters, invites to training and events, and access to our PSA Plus benefits – all for free!   


So if you know anyone studying full-time get them to join now here.  Read the FAQs while you are there if you need membership brochures and posters -just ask!

PSA Youth and student posters

We now have a number of PSA Youth and student membership posters that you can display in your workplace.  These can be printed from our website here or ordered through the Organising Centre –  or 0508 367 772.    

PSA Youth is on Twitter!

We finally have our own PSA Youth Twitter account. Follow us for regular updates.  

CTU Conferences – July 2013

Two Council of Trade Union (CTU) Conferences are coming up that may be of interest.  The Stand Up Youth Conference, which will bring together young members from across a range of unions, will be taking place on 11 and 12 July 2013 in Wellington.  We’re keen to send about 12 young members to that, and will be in touch soon with more info and a call for expressions of interest. 


The CTU Women’s Conference is taking place in Wellington on 26 and 27 July, and we’re keen to have a couple of young women from PSA Youth representing.  Let us know if you’re interested in attending and we’ll send you more info when available - simply email


'Another world is possible’ essay competition

The Labour History Project is calling for entries for an essay competition on the theme ‘Another world is possible’.  At a time when people internationally are turning against economic policies that further inequality, and when conventional political solutions are losing their authority, the Labour History Project (which is not affiliated with any political organisation) welcomes entries from progressive New Zealanders of all ages that offer visions and pathways for a fairer and brighter society.  There are cash prizes of $500 and $250 up for grabs, and the winning essays will be published by the Labour History Project.  Entries close on 30 August 2013.  Follow this link for more details.

Youth conference wrap up

On 28 and 29 November, 47 young PSA members from around the country came together in Wellington for the 2012 PSA Youth National Conference. The focus of the two days was on youth participation and engagement in the union, and campaigning and advocacy for social change.

We heard from a range of interesting speakers, discussed activities in regional regroups, elected two new youth convenors as the Central Convenor position was vacant, and the National Convenor position became vacant after Andrea Fromm retired from the role.  The new convenor details can be found in the right hand column.

We also decided to establish regional network committees (more on that in the new year). Oh, and we got through 2kg of pineapple lumps, plus a few extra kgs of other lollies!


We’ve put some of the presentations and materials from conference here for those who are interested in checking them out:


Introduction to PSAY - Susannah Bailey

Union challenges & youth - Nigel Haworth

Union history and values- Nigel Haworth

Campaign planning - Susannah Bailey

Influencing public policy - Kirsten Windelov

Making a Submission - Kirsten Windelov

Union structure - Brenda and Richard

Social media presentation - Matthew O'Driscoll


And you can check out pics from conference on our Facebook page. We ate at a Turkish restaurant for dinner hence the interesting belly dancing pics!



Power Shift NZ Pacific 2012

The PSAYouth and PSA Eco Rep networks sponsored 13 young PSA members to attend Power Shift NZ Pacific in Auckland from7-9 December. They were amongst 700 young leaders attending NZ’s largest ever youth climate summit. It was really exciting to be a part of this massive youth drive for serious action on climate change.


The PSA members who attended said they got a lot out of the 3 days and are keen to work with the PSA youth and eco networks on ways to encourage workplace action on environmental sustainability and climate change.


Check on this TV3 news story on the giant flashmob that took place on day 3 to launch the campaign 100% Possible – for a future beyond fossil fuels. Sign up to the campaign today!


And for more updates on the PSA’s environmental activities join the PSA Eco Rep network – email to sign up to the email list.

Same Work Same Pay

At the PSAY conference we heard from James Sleep, convenor of Stand Up - the youth wing of the Council of Trade Unions (CTU). James talked to us about the campaign against youth rates – Same Work Same Pay, and how we could get involved to support the campaign. Together we formulated a submission from PSAY on the “Starting Out Wage” Bill, which National Convenor Asher Goldman and PSA Organiser Nick Kelly later presented to the select committee.


We also developed campaign plans. Leave your details on the Same Work Same Pay website to hear about activities you can get involved in to support the campaign. Don't forget to take action (in the news item below this one) and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!


Tell the government: Youth rates are discriminatory!

The PSA supports the Same Work Same Pay campaign against the so called ‘Starting Out Wage’. We think the campaign name sums up the issue – that youth rates are blatantly unfair!  Workers should be paid on the basis of their work and their skills, not their age. New Zealanders fought hard for a minimum wage - lowering it now will only lead to poverty and exploitation.   


If the Minimum Wage (Starting Out Wage) Amendment Bill becomes law, employers will be able to pay all 16-17 year-olds plus any 18-19 year-olds who’ve been on an unemployment benefit for more than 6 months less than the minimum wage. 


At a measly $10.80 per hour, a full-time worker would only get around $9,000 after tax for 6 month’s work.  That’s only $370 a week and no incentive to get people off an unemployment benefit which pays about the same.    

We need to show the Government we care and quickly because they have set a very short timeframe for submissions on the proposed legislation. Submissions are due by next Tuesday 27 November


Here’s what you can do:

Got a minute?                    

·         Send a quick template submission to the Bill through the Same Work Same Pay campaign page. 

·         Like the Same Work Same Pay Facebook page and share it through your networks.

·         Follow the  @SameworksamePay Twitter handle and retweet.


Got 5mins or more?                

·         Write your own submission to the Bill.  Individualised submissions have the greatest impact and they can be just a couple of sentences long.  Send individualised submissions through the official parliamentary submission form here.  

·         Fill in a quick survey on the PSA website here – we’ll use this feedback to put PSA Youth’s submission together.


Got an hour or so?                   

·         When filling in your submission tick that you’d like to orally present to the select committee.  The committee will be in touch and you can decide at a later date if you want to talk to the committee. J


Want to do more?                    

·         Sign up to become a youth rates activist to share ideas and learn more about ways you can support the campaign.  Email to get involved.


You can also check out the Same Work Same Pay Facebook page here and the website here to learn more about the issue and connect with others. 


Remember, submissions are due by 27 November (just in case you haven’t noticed the other text in bold)!


Paid Parental Leave

PSA Youth is supporting the campaign to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. New Zealand has fallen behind Australia and other OECD countries in support for new families. 26 for Babies, has been signed up to by a large and growing group of community organisations including Plunket, Every Child Counts, Parents’ Centres and unions across New Zealand.


Find out more on our website or visit the 26 for babies Facebook page.

State sector cuts forcing youth out?

This story from NewstalkZB says that there's concern continued cuts to the state sector are forcing young people out of the public service.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is the latest government department looking to axe jobs, with up to 300 set to go. There's also concern about a bottle-neck culture meaning salaries and opportunities are being taken away from younger more.


Youth rates, back on the agenda

The minimum wage for young people appears to be back on the political agenda. It shouldn’t be.  Those wanting to bring back youth rates say they will slash youth unemployment. The evidence  simply does not bear this out. There are much more important issues at stake including skills, education, productivity and living more: Youth rates story from Dominion Post 130611


PSA Youth National Conference


What an inspiring, well-organised and fun conference we had! ‘We’ are around 50 young people working in public services around the country, who are motivated to discuss our workplaces and NZ’s economy and society; young people who are keen to share experiences and to learn from each other. We are concerned and this is why we are committed to contribute to change. This is why we came together!


Two days were filled with a busy agenda in which we learned about our union history, new politics and the movement of movements. We heard about PSA’s strategic direction and possibilities of participation and engagement. Famous Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury enlightened us with his straightforward, thought-provoking and sometimes cynical insights whereas the panel of young political leaders showed us how to exercise diplomacy prior to the elections rather than to take on a political battle of ideas. Top leaders of NZ’s trade union movement told us how crucial we are for NZ’s future and the re-vitalisation of the union movement.


Engaging with each other was as simple as gulping down the first drink at the end of an eventful day one of the conference. I felt so good being part of a creative bunch of people who share similar values and who see and criticise injustices in everyday life. It is not all rosy – especially not for young people! But it is equally not all bad because we are not on our own and together we can make things happen.


Energy and enthusiasm is what you would have felt if you were at the conference!


If you want to become active about individual issues in your workplace or with regards to wider social and economic injustices, get in touch!  


Re-framing justice, solidarity and equality should not happen without you.

Logo competition winner


Congratulations to Robert from the Ministry of Education who designed the new PSA Youth logo and bagged himself a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, courtesy of Telecom.


Robert’s winning design was chosen because of its clean look and it’s subtle take on the theme Speak Up.  The logo will be used on the PSA Youth webpage, PSA Youth Facebook page, and all of our PSA Youth promotional material.


International news

YOUTH TO YOUTH is the Asia Pacific Electronic news bulletin for young members in the region. It is published every two months by the Public Services International Asia and Pacific Regional Organisation.  Read the latest issue here.



Results of the survey

Here are the results of the PSA Youth Survey.  We had almost 3,000 responses with 1,200 people pledging further support for PSAY activities.  PSAY Survey - collated results.


Ariki Taru from Work and Income Kilbirnie won the iPod in a random draw from all the survey respondents.  Congratulations.

Other Youth Union News

We have strong links with Stand Up, New Zealand’s youth union movement.  Stand Up is a network of young workers across New Zealand who aim to increase awareness of unionism and workers’ rights amongst young New Zealanders and to advocate and campaign on issues important to young people.  Fin out more about Stand Up on Facebook.




It was the last PSAY Conference for outgoing PSAY National Convenor Andrea Fromm. We can’t thank Andrea enough for the energy and time she put into PSAY during her year as National Convenor. She has been a huge asset to the network and will be missed.


At Conference PSA members elected Asher Goldman from Parliamentary Services in Wellington as the new National PSAY Convenor. Members from the central region (Wellington to Taupo) elected Peter Kim from IRD in Wellington as the Central Convenor. Congratulations, Asher and Peter! We’re really excited to have you on board.


We’ll put bios and contact details for each of the convenors up on the website in the new year.