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Community Public Services

Travel case latest

An agreement has been signed between the government, workers and home support providers to resolve the travel time pay issue and improve working conditions in the sector. Read our releases here and here.


What's next?

In the next few weeks the PSA will be setting up nation-wide meetings so you can find out how this will affect your pay, hours of work, and so you can have a voice and a vote on the matter.



Living on the minimum wage

With the debate over the minimum wage, as opposed to a living wage, gathering pace, Radio New Zealand reports that hundreds of New Zealanders - virtually forgotten employees - receive only a fraction of the existing minimum wage, and it's all legal.Includes an interview with  Paul Brown of the PSA's Deaf and Disabled Members Network and Paul Gibson, Disabled Rights Commissioner at the NZ Human Rights Commission.



Sleepover update 23 September 2013

The Ministry of Health have advised us that the following organisations are the next group for a sleepover Order in Council to be made.


  • Richmond
  • Recovery Solutions
  • Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi Trust
  • Pathways Health Limited
  • Hinemoa Lodge Limited

The planned effective date is 1 November. Payments are legally required to be made within 2 months of that date.


Sleepover update 4 July 2013

A number of sleepover settlements have been agreed and signed by both the PSA and the employer and have been with the Ministry of Health awaiting signatures from DHBs or ACC and MOH. It has been a frustrating process pushing to get these final signatures. Once the signatures are obtained an ‘Order in Council’ is drafted and has to be checked by all parties before going to Cabinet for sign off.


The good news is that Orders in Council have now been drafted for Healthcare NZ/NZ Care, Te Roopu Taurima and PACT. These are expected to go to Cabinet on July 15 with an effective date from 19 July.

Back pay

If Cabinet passes the Orders in Council in this timeframe then back pay has to be paid to members within two months from 19 July.

In addition the following agreements are expected to have Orders in Council effective from mid-July:
Te Tomika Trust
Laura Ferguson trust (Canterbury)
Brakenridge Estate
Claddagh Haven Trust Board
Henderson Home Community Homes Ltd
Geraldine Pathways Centre trust
Donaldson Residential Trust
Te Whanau Tokotokorangi Trust
Toucan Taranaki
St Marks Society
Te Mana Oranga

It has been a long wait for payment of back pay and the increased sleepover rates but the PSA has been determined to make sure that members get their rightful pay. 


Sleepover update 14 May 2013

 We have confirmed with MOH that the following organisations will be part of the 5th batch of Orders in Council:

Tomika Trust
Laura Fergusson Trust (Canterbury)
Brackenridge Estate Limited
Claddagh Haven Trust Board
Henderson Home Community Homes Limited
Geraldine Pathways Centre Trust
Donaldson Residential Trust
Te Whanau Tokotokorangi Trust

This is expected to go to Cabinet in June, but the exact date is not yet known. There is a possibility that some other organisations may also be ready in time for this batch too, and we will update this website once we know for sure.

Sleepover payment delays add insult to injury

04 Mar 2013


The Public Service Association is accusing the Ministry of Health of adding insult to injury for hundreds of community support workers who are still waiting for their rightful sleepover more.

For the latest updates on sleepover click here

Aged care summit

The PSA along side NZNO, SFWU, care providers, DHBs and Grey Power attended the aged care summit about the caring counts report from the Human Rights Commission.


Support worker and PSA Delegate Jenny Goodman presented a short PowerPoint on the summit's theme of 'an ideal world'. Her report can be downloaded here.


The full programme for the summit can be found here.

Focusing on your sector

PSA membership in the community sector is growing rapidly.  to make sure your interest are fully represented, we've made changes to our structure and created the Community Public Services Sector.
This sector covers people working in:



-   Mental health/ drug and alcohol

-   Home support

-   Social services

-   Aid and development organisations


The Community Public Services Sector has its own national committee and a seat on the PSA Executive Board.  this ensure your sector has a voice at all levels of PSA decision-making.


The difference the PSA can make

We know that funding in the sector is tight.  It is getting harder for organisations to meet the growing demands in their communities and elsewhere.  It's also getting harder to provide employees with job security and the pay and conditions they deserve.


The services and support that you provide are important.  With a growing membership, the PSA will be in your corner.  We have the expertise to work with you for decent pay and employment conditions, a good working environment, and for your voice to be included in workplace decisions. 


We will be a strong advocate for you and for the work you do.