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Working Life

Working Life is the relaunched PSA Journal. The latest issue features news on the Fairness at Work campaign and takes a close look at the increasing use of lawyers in partnership bargaining.


It's free to ALL members and distributed at workplaces. If you have not received your copy, talk to your delegate or email 


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PSA News  

PSA News

 PSA News  is the monthly email newsletter for PSA members.

If you do not receive PSA News, it means we do not have your correct email address.

To go on the mailing list, email with your name and workplace address and preferred email address.



Pulse July 09 

Pulse and E-Pulse

Pulse is the newsletter for PSA members employed by district health boards.

Pulse is sent to DHBs for distribution while E-Pulse is sent by email. If you have not received your copy, talk to your delegate or email with your name and workplace address.

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Members' voice

Members' voice is a newsletter put together by the people of Chruistchurch for the people of Christchurch.  It contains information on changes to services, relocations, hardship funds and practical advice.

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