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PSA Media Releases

  • New national secretary announced

    17 Sep 2014

    The PSA is pleased to announce the appointment of Erin Polaczuk to the role of national secretary. Click here for full article...

  • Home support worker welcomes agreement between Govt, unions and providers

    12 Sep 2014

    Healthcare of New Zealand (HCNZ) worker and Public Service Association (PSA) member Jenny Goodman has welcomed the news that an agreement has been signed between the Government, workers and home support providers to resolve the travel time pay issue and improve working conditions in the sector. Click here for full article...

  • New agreement means big changes for NZ’s fastest growing health sector

    12 Sep 2014

    The Government, unions, District Health Boards and home and community support providers have signed off on an agreement that will significantly change the fastest growing sector in New Zealand’s health system – providing support to elderly and disabled people in their homes.  Click here for full article...

  • Statistics NZ staff to strike in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch

    08 Sep 2014

    Staff at Statistics NZ offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will be taking a full day of strike action, including a two hour rally, in support of their demand for a pay system that is clear, fair and negotiated, after a breakdown in collective bargaining. Click here for full article...

  • Threats against Work and Income staff a disgrace

    03 Sep 2014

    The Public Service Association (PSA) says the continuing threats against Work and Income staff in the wake of the Ashburton shootings are a disgrace, and must end.  Click here for full article...

  • Collins inquiry at best a Band-Aid, a permanent fix is needed

    02 Sep 2014

    The Public Service Association (PSA) says the inquiry into Judith Collins’ behaviour must be accompanied by a process to restore the lost trust between Ministers and public servants if it is to prevent similar situations occurring in the future.  Click here for full article...

  • Greens’ commitment to pay equity welcomed by workers

    02 Sep 2014

    The Public Service Association (PSA) says the 58,000 workers they represent will benefit from the announcement by the Green Party of a commitment to pay equity and to a living wage for core public servants and contractors.  Click here for full article...

  • Union to support Work and Income staff following tragedy

    01 Sep 2014

    The Public Service Association (PSA) says today’s shooting at a Work and Income office is a tragedy, and nobody should go to work in fear that they might not return home.  Click here for full article...

  • DHB industrial action withdrawn, workers to vote on new offer

    21 Aug 2014

    The Public Service Association (PSA) has withdrawn notices of industrial action covering 12,000 health workers at District Health Boards (DHBs) across New Zealand, after progress was made in mediation.  Click here for full article...

  • SSC survey shows clear way forward for better public services

    19 Aug 2014

    The Public Service Association (PSA) has welcomed the release of the State Services Commission’s (SSC) Integrity and Conduct Survey 2013, which it says indicates what needs to be done to strengthen the public services that New Zealanders use and trust.  Click here for full article...

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